What We Do

We are a small family owned company that produces hand ​crafted, small batch Whiskey Bourbon BBQ and Pepper Peach ​Hot Sauces. Made with the freshest ingredients, our flavor profi​le will not d​isappoint!

The people behind the products...

Scott Marlowe - Creator of all these amazing flavors! A former ​firefighter and electrician by trade... When the pandemic hit he ​volunteered to stay home and take care of our son, Alex. A loving ​father and supportive husband! Very patriotic and holds the utmost ​respect for those that have served to protect our country. 🇺🇸 ✌️ 🇺🇸

Alex -10 years old with the goal of becoming a famous YouTuber, and ​possibly becoming president one day. He is full of life and has a great ​sense of humor. This kid is wise beyond his years.

Yvonne - Lover of all the sauces and responsible for finding and ​coordinating events, social media, advertising, and general business ​practices. I have decades of restaurant and retail experience, ​including ServeSafe qualifications.

After making these items for our ​friends and family for over 17 ​years, we finally decided to listen ​to them when they said we should ​market it. We only allow the ​finest ingredients to make the cut! ​Fresh peppers are hand selected ​and blended to perfection. We ​offer varying heat levels to satisfy ​everyone in the family!

Our Whiskey Bourbon BBQ is ​thick and tangy offering a sweet ​and savory flavor that pairs well ​with any meat of your choice in ​any cooking style you prefer!

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